Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans, Remote Control, Light Kits, (Jan, 2023)

Hampton bay ceiling fans are one of the most demanded items offered by Home Depot and that too a lot cheaper. Home Depot is by far the best place to go and buy Hampton bay fans at the cheapest rates. Customer satisfaction is the greatest protagonist of Home Depot.

If any buyer wants to buy ceiling fans designed by Hampton Bay, then Home Depot stores are the best pick of all. You can just go through a long list of the products and buy what you desire that too from the ease of your home.

Our picks for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

When we talk about Hampton Bay ceiling fans, we are taking the whole brand in general but there are a lot of variations and different products within Hampton Bay itself. Following are the trendiest and of course one of the best of Hampton Bay’s ceiling fans.

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How to Wire HamptonBay Ceiling-Fan

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan For You?

Firstly while buying the best ceiling fans you should know which fan is the right pick for you, the size of it, and the blades too. The size that you pick for your ceiling fan completely depends upon your personal preferences, although commonly for a normal room you have, the standard size is i.e. 56 to 50 inches.

In cases when you have a room that is huge you also have the option of a 60-inch fan. Likewise, if the room you are placing the ceiling fan in is small like an infant’s room or a bathroom, the ideal size is 42 to 48-inch. While you are choosing a ceiling fan, after the size the second thing that you must look for is the decor of the room and buy it with the matching and the likeness of the person the room is designed.

Hampton Bay Fans are very flexible and full of variety when it comes to this, you can have different kinds and colors of fans to choose from the tons of variety that we have.

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 In. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 In Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay 52 in. Hugger Ceiling Fan is widely used in rooms with limited ceiling height and more width. It is installed with reversible blades available in 2 different colors and one sidelined with maple and the other with

With a maximum airflow of 4670 CFM, this fan is one of the most top-rated buy buyers especially for larger rooms even those as large as 20 square feet in area. It is also installed with specialized multi capacitors for smooth operation and maximum air cooling.

The Hampton Bay Hugger 52 In. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan is rich in terms of ceiling fan features which make it simply a delight to use in homes. It has

  • Blades with multiple finishes of oak and maple on each side of the reversible blades.
  • Opal light kit that makes it look grander and adds to the décor of the home.
  • Presets of speed alongside the option of reversible rotation.
  • Designed to accommodate a room of 20. ft x 20. ft while giving off the air on all sides.

Hampton Bay Littleton 42 In. Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Littleton 42 In. Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Littleton 42. in is one of the grandest and luxuriously beautiful fans in the market.

The Hampton Bay Littleton Ceiling Fan constitutes of 4 blades that can be reversed too in sleek finishes of walnut and dark oak which adds to the décor.

The special energy-efficient light kit technology allows enhanced lightning and home décor alongside conservation of energy to minimize the bills.

  • Four reversible blades, white or bleached oak
  • Frosted glass light kit that is energy efficient
  • Ideal for rooms up to 100 Square Feet (10 ft by 10 ft)
  • Indoor 42-inch 4-blade ceiling fan ideal for bedroom or living room
  • Standard mount system and reversible airflow

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 in. White Ceiling Fan With Light

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 in. White Ceiling Fan With Light

Installed with reversible blades enabling opposite rotation, the fan adds up to the beauty of your room by its white and bleached oak finish alike. Considering the fan blade size, this fan is ideal for smaller rooms up to 20 ft. x 20 ft. as it gives off a reasonable amount of air.

  • 5 reversible blades with the white finish on one side and bleached oak finish on the other
  • 3-speed reversible control for versatile airflow
  • Flush mount installation enables usage even in rooms with lower ceilings
  • High technology multi capacitors for smooth operation and maximum air movement across the room.

Hampton Bay Stylique II 52 inch Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Stylique II 52 in. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Stylique II Ceiling fan has various very rich features which make it simply a delight to use in homes. It has

  • A 3-blade innovative design while stylish blade arms are attractive.
  • A stylish glass globe with a 100 Watt halogen bulb installed in it.
  • Frosted glass light kit that makes its usage a lot grander.
  • Black-colored blades that look magnificent when lit by the light kit.
  • Easy to use the remote control with light and speed control buttons.
  • A perfect ceiling fan up to rooms of the larger size of 14ft. x 14ft.

Hampton Bay Southwind 52. in Venetian Bronze Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Southwind 52 in.Venetian Bronze Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Southwind 52. in is one of the grandest and luxuriously beautiful fans in the market.

The Hampton Bay Southwind Venetian Bronze Ceiling Fan constitutes of 5 blades that can be reversed too in sleek finishes of walnut and dark oak which adds to the décor.

The special technology of Hampton Bay, Accu-Arm Technology allows easy and correct installation without any prior knowledge and also ensures quiet and smooth operation.

  • Light kit made up of frosted glass.
  • 4961 CFM motor rate which means a cool and constant supply of air.
  • 5-inch long downrod that can be reduced if required.
  • Three various ways of mounting are available which makes usage highly customized.
  • two 60-watt candelabra bulbs are included in the light kit.


While obtaining a fan or including a light unit, make a point to consider the room it will be placed in. You’ll no doubt require brighter light for high development zones or errand zones, for instance, kitchens, relax regions, and entryways. Hampton Bay has all sorts of good quality assortment with regards to fan lighting units and they influence their lighting to pack as indicated by the rooms or space.

Hampton Bay Hugger 52″ Ceiling Fan Light is extraordinary compared to other offers at Hampton Bay. Utilize this position of safety Hugger 52 in. Driven brushed nickel roof fan for flush-mount establishments when roof tallness is of concern. Highlighting reversible cutting edges, the fan’s contemporary brushed nickel complete is supplemented by both the walnut edge complete and the maple sharp edge complete with a wonderful taste in your space.

The opal iced vault light apparatus incorporates a 9-watt LED globule that gives splendid brightening. With a superior engine for the intense, yet calm tasks and 52 in. sharp edges, this fan is perfect for most inside rooms up to 14 ft. x 14 ft.

Another hit at Hampton Bay is Hampton Bay Glendale 42 in Indoor Oil-rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan With Light Kit

The 42 in. Glendale oil rubbed bronze roof fan is an ideal size for those little rooms. The 3-light pack with iridescent glass will give you a lot of enlightenment when required. Additionally included are (3) 9.5-Watt LED globules that offer vitality effectiveness. This fan additionally accompanies a lifetime engine guarantee for genuine feelings of serenity.

5 reversible dull teak/walnut cutting edges enable you to change your stylistic layout style without supplanting the whole ceiling fan.

Hampton bay ceiling fan blades

Fans have from three to five blades; the customary number is four. The quantity of blades does not influence execution much with regards to Hampton Bay since the majority of their fan blades do the best occupation. Some say that more blades really move less air in light of the fact that there is less space for them to get air. Be that as it may, the quantity of blades does not tend to influence the cost much on the off chance that you are getting it from Hampton Bay or there will be consequences, the more blades the higher the cost.

Hampton Bay fan blades are produced using various materials and are given a wide assortment of completions. Characteristic wood and painted sharp edges are produced using strong wood, a cross-covered facade (like plywood), and the more affordable veneered consistent thickness board.

Completions incorporate regular, apparatus white, cherry, oak, walnut, burled camphor, blanched oak, white, fake stone, rosewood, dark, high brilliance, hues, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

A few edges have a reversible complete—for instance, they may offer a faded oak look on one side and a painted white complete on the other. Basically, turn the blades over to totally change the fan’s appearance.

Different blades are made of clear or smoked acrylic. Seeker’s Original Outdoor fans highlight blades of launderable sailcloth extended over an edge; the texture is accessible in a few hues. Both Casablanca and Fasco have comparative offerings.

Hampton Bay fan ceiling blades are truly dependable and simple to discover in the market which makes the demand for Hampton Bay roof fans ten times more than the typical roof fans.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Customer Support

Installation and maintenance is not an issue now for buyers with little or no expertise in ceiling fans because Home Depot provides the best customer support services for Hampton Bay ceiling fans.

  • You can get the answer to your queries by visiting the Home Depot website and your questions will be readily answered to the best of your satisfaction. If still, your queries remain unresolved, you will be rightly guided in the right manner.
  • Home Depot is also one step more modernized than our competitors as we have forums already live on Google that will give a chance to you to interact with other users. Of course, you can post your question and it will be answered by any of the thousands of users of Home Depot appliances.

How can you avail of the Home Depot Services for you?

Well, it is not such a Herculean task but still, for some people, it can become a little confusing. You just need to follow the following steps and you will get the best solution for your problems.

  1. Find out the specific model number of your Hampton ceiling fan assigned by Home Depot and also note down what makes it is. If you can’t find it easily, then go for the product manual or the packaging box to get more info. Sometimes, the model number is printed on the fan itself mostly on the base.
  2. Now from a whole catalog of the questions, find the question that is exactly yours and see what its answer is. Home Depot customer service can also be contacted via call 24/7 and usually is the best method to get guidance from. If you post your questions on their forums or contact page, someone from the Home Depot itself will answer it.

Ceiling Fans Replacement Policy

Hampton Bay fans sold by Home Depot have very flexible and consumer-friendly replacement policies. However, the replacement policy varies from condition to condition and from part to part.

Following are a few of the parts for which replacement is mostly demanded by customers.

Remote Control

Hampton Bay UC7078T Up/Down Light (UC7078TUDL) Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Well, the most common are remote. Even I have messed with it a lot. It usually happens that it ceases to work after longer durations or is lost inside your own home. You don’t need to panic as Hampton Bay Remote control replacement is there to serve you if,

  • You have a remote that has lasted over 10 years and now has ceased to function normally.
  • You have lost your remote somewhere and want it to be replaced.

In either of these cases, just visit the Home Depot website and get a new Hampton Bay remote.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blades

If you have a Hampton Bay fan that has blades that are either bent or not as properly balanced as they ought to be. For perfect functioning, you need to have the perfect blades for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan. But believe me, it is not a piece of cake as you might expect it to be.

Ceiling fan glass globe replacement

Don’t worry if your glass globe has cracked or has got a recent fracture because Hampton Bay glass globe replacement is fairly reasonable as compared to others. However, there are various variations in the glass globe size as its orientation so you would require to look for exactly the same as the one you previously had.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Kits

Hampton Bay light kits are universal products that are not limited to be used by Hampton Bay fans alone. Though it is a perfect fit for the later, but on the off chance, you can also use it with other ceiling fans of random companies.

If you are a great lover of home décor and also like to add color to your home, Hampton Bay light kits are the one you are looking for! Just use them and they will add magnificent lightning effects to your room. If you are already using light kits from other providers, we recommend that you update them with Hampton Bay light kits.

Hampton Bay 4-Light Brushed Nickel Bath Light:

Hampton Bay provides bath lights to make your bathroom look luxurious as well. It has from A-Z beautifully designed lights to fix in your bathroom and feel like a king.

  • Following is the product detail:
  • Clear lines and contemporary design offer a sophisticated look.
  • It has glass swirl marble shades that add an elegant touch to it.
  • Also meets ETL Listing quality standards
  • It is possible to install the Fixture facing upward or downward
  • Dimensions: Width 25-1/2 in. x Depth 6-3/4 in. x Height 8-3/4 in. Backplate Dimensions: 12 in. W x 4-1/2 in. H

Hampton bay Ceiling Fans Warranty Policy

Home Depot Customer services are always available to help you with repairing, maintenance, and replacement parts of your Hampton Bay Ceiling fans. You can also access the customer support department and avail of their services by contacting the numbers already provided on the Home Depot website.

Else, Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans also have a lifetime warranty on the motor and a year warranty on a few of the spare parts. You can always ask for replacements anytime you feel like. Another treat is, the motor has a lifetime warranty from both the manufacturers as well as Home Depot.

Final Words

To be honest our word doesn’t matter that much when we are talking about Hampton Bay ceiling fans and that too supplied by Home Depot because both of these enjoy years of customer satisfaction and need not be credited with anyone.

We would just say go and buy Hampton Bay ceiling fans for added comfort in your life and grandeur in your home décor.

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