Best Ceiling Fans Buyers Guide, how to choose best ceiling fan for you

best ceiling fan buyers guide

Buying a good ceiling fan isn’t something that should cause you much trouble. Especially in the case where you exactly know what you want as per your requirements.

Even if it makes trouble for you, just go through the best ceiling fans buyers’ guide to help you understand what it takes to enjoy a cool room.


In case you have a larger room, you can also place 2 or more fans as per your requirements. One of the malpractices in terms of security is installing the fan just over the bed. Don’t commit this mistake for your life’s sake!

It really does matter where you want to install the fan. Most ceiling fans are installed in the center of the room where they give off the air in all directions and thus regulate the smooth airflow.

Room size and fan size correlation:

how to pick best ceiling fan

The size of the ceiling fan that will actually work the best in your room depends on the size of the room itself. There are some set patterns in this regard, set by experts, that are good to follow.
1. For a room of size 8’x10’, 30’’ ceiling fan will do good.
2. For a room of size 12’x12’, 42’’ ceiling fan will work really well.
3. If you have a room of the size 18’x20’, 52’’ ceiling fan should be what you need to look for in the market.

Mounting of the fan:

ceiling fan

Most importantly, the way you mount a fan directly depends on the height of the room. For a low ceiling, you can opt for the Hugger mount or the traditional mount without the rod while an extended down rod mounting technique will be a better choice for higher ceilings or ceilings that have a slope.

Power consumption:

The market is full of ceiling fans each with a different power rating on it. From such a vast variety of ceiling fans, you need to look for the one which your home’s circuit can bear.

Especially when you are buying fans with lighting fixtures or various powerful preset modes, take into account the fact whether your power supply is enough or not.
Better take an electrician!

Go for the faster and better quality:

ceiling fan location guide

Whenever you are buying a ceiling fan, remember if it works well it means long hours of rest and comfort to you.

But in an unfortunate case, if it doesn’t work that well then it means unrest and irritation for long restless nights.

The better choice is to go for a fan that is much better in quality even if it’s expensive. Also, look for a fan which is a recognized brand and with a larger count of RPM.

Avoid the noise:

A ceiling fan with a humming noise is nothing more but a piece of metallic crap. It is of no use and instead of comfort, it will cause you depression.

Before you buy, just ask people around you if they had used that particular fan and how their experiences were.

Afterward, it is also better to ask for a demo if you are buying in person from the retailer.


Before you go into buying a ceiling fan, do some research so it becomes much easier!

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